How the Smile Determines Attractiveness


As human beings, we have our ideals of what deems a person attractive, some of which are a product of images we see in the media and other cultural norms, while others actually have their basis in biology. Especially in regards to a person’s smile and facial features, there have been several studies that point out which physical traits evoke a positive response in an observer, leading the researchers to understand more clearly what makes a person attractive and why. Here’s a deeper look at what has been discovered.

How a Good Smile Determines Level of Attractiveness

Physical appearance plays an important role in human communication, especially the appearance of the face and mouth. More than most people realize, the “face you present to the world” holds literal weight as an accurate predictor of your thoughts and emotions. In general, a symmetrical face is considered more attractive and symmetry is associated with good health and genetic quality. In regards to your smile, the mouth plays a major role in how you speak to the world, not only in the words you say, but in the visual cues people pick up while you’re talking, smiling and laughing. In this context, teeth that are visible when smiling are important.

Smiling and Confidence

woman with white smileWhen you smile, people treat you differently. You’re viewed as more attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere, and your smile alone has a significant positive impact how attractive and likeable people perceive you to be. Studies have even shown that the act of smiling and the act of seeing another person smile stimulates the brain to release endorphins, an important neurotransmitter that ‘s responsible for boosting mood and confidence.

This is where self-perception is important. If you’re self-conscious in any way about your teeth, it’s going to show. Studies show that people with cracked, crooked, missing or stained teeth are generally viewed as less attractive, and this has a compounding effect when a person with a less-than-perfect smile is self-conscious. If you’re not able to smile and laugh freely, your present company will pick up on it, and possibly without knowing why, will feel less at ease, less trusting and less attracted to you.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost in regards to a “bad smile.” Advances in dentistry now gives us the tools we need to bring your smile back to beaming. Restorative and cosmetic procedures can improve or even completely transform the appearance of your smile, giving you back your self-confidence and your ability to face the world boldly. If you think you’d be a great candidate for cosmetic dentistry procedures, schedule an appointment today.