Oral Cancer Screening

At Westcliffe Family Dental, we care about not only your current oral health, but protecting the future of your oral health as well. We do regular oral cancer screening, so that if the unfortunate event of oral cancer occurs, we will have caught it early. The survival rate of oral cancer sits at 57% right now, but early detection is key to increasing the chances of survival and minimizing the spread of cancer.

oral cancer screeningAs part of the screening, a discussion will occur about your oral health history and potential risk factors of oral cancer. The dentist will then take an extremely close look at your mouth, neck, and throat (with dentures removed) so that any abnormalities can be detected.


Other concerning signs for oral cancer may include:

  • Patches that appear red or white
  • a lump, rough spot, small eroded area, or crusty patch
  • a sore or irritation that doesn’t seem to go away
  • pain, tenderness or numbness in your mouth
  • difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving your tongue or jaw
  • a change in the way your teeth feel together when you close your mouth

If you notice any of these warning signs, it is important you call your Cadwell dentist and make an appointment today. As with any form of cancer, early detection greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.